Upgrading Scripts in VM Pro

Greetings Joe, Jamie & Eric,

I notice that WordPress has a new version out today, and whilst I’m in no hurry to upgrade to it (It is WP, after all, where waiting to see what happens to other ppl first is the order of the day :)), it got me to wondering…

When a script is installable via the VM Pro installers, and the script that is installed that way also has the capability to upgrade itself (WP), what’s the best practice when upgrades are available - wait for the VM upgrade for that script to arrive, or, go ahead and upgrade via the script’s internal upgrader?

If a script s ‘self-upgraded’, will the VM script installer recognise that that script has been upgraded, for example?


Aside: On Web Hosting Talk (or whatever that site is called), there is unsurprisingly a lot of talk re. the LXAdmin etc. fiasco/disaster/VPS wipeout. There is also a lot of talk of people looking for alternative control panels for ‘cloud’ management, but few if any mentions of Cloudmin - presumably as they don’t know it exists. You might want to nip over there and wave your flag a wee bit.

The script installer doesn’t know about the manual upgrade of a particular script.
You can change it manually, though it takes some searching for the correct log/domain.
/etc/webmin/virtual-server/scriptlog , open the correct one and adjust the version of the script.

or just update (one should not wait) and when virtualmin is ready, update again through the installer