Upgrading Ghost Install Script from 5.26.3 to 5.40.2 results in 503 Error

That sounds good!

Just one quick question: is there a way to upgrade to an “unsupported version” of an Install Script without first upgrading to the one known not to work? I went to upgrade to 5.41.0 just now on one of the live instances, but there’s no way to put 5.41.0 in yet, there’s just a select dropdown for 5.40.2.

I’m sure the “unsupported version” entry box will show up after upgrading to 5.40.2. Perhaps I should simply wait on your update to the Ghost script later today! That would also have the benefit of testing the more-typical upgrade path.

Oh, this is a good question. Apparently not without doing things, which are … you could open browser’s console and change select’s option value to 5.41.0 (it would be much faster, if you know how to work with browser’s console).

The other work around is to install (upgrade) it using Virtualmin CLI with virtualmin install-script command.

Hah, I would not have thought to try doing that in the Console, but yes, I could definitely do it that way!

That is a neat trick indeed! Upgrade worked perfectly from 5.26.3 to 5.41.0 on one of the other instances (and there was no need to restart anything manually this time).

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