Upgrading Dovecot via third-party repo

On Centos 6, it is only possible to get Dovecot 2.0.9. But there is a Dovecot feature I need that was introduced in Dovecot 2.1.

In your expert opinion, will it be safe to upgrade Dovecot to 2.1 using the third-party ATRPMS repo?

rpm -ivH http://dl.atrpms.net/all/atrpms-repo-6-7.el6.x86_64.rpm

yum --enablerepo=atrpms-testing update dovecot-2.1.17-0_136.el6

I’ll be doing this on a brand new install, so no risk to existing users. But I just want to check that Virtualmin will be ok with this? And is there anything else I should be aware of?

See also : http://wiki2.dovecot.org/Upgrading/2.1

I’m know that I can get later versions of Dovecot with a different distribution such as Ubuntu, but I’m only really comfortable with Centos, and until Virtualmin supports Centos 7 this appears to be my only option.

Do you think this will be ok?


Virtualmin itself won’t mind that Dovecot version. There are distros using Dovecot 2.1 and 2.2, and Virtualmin is able to manage each of those.

The only thing we can’t speak to is the stability of that particular third party package. We typically recommend against using packages coming from third party repos. However, you’re going about this the right way, trying it out before the server is live :slight_smile:

If you opt to install that, my suggestion would be to only use Dovecot from that repo, and not to pull in other packages.

Note that CentOS 7 should be supported by Virtualmin within the next few weeks.


I would not use that specific package, it is in their beta repository, and could have issues. Not to mention relying on them for security updates and related components. I would just hold out for CentOS 7 to be supported for Virtualmin.