Upgrading CentOS

AS we know CentoOS is just a kind of Mirror of Red Hat… that about as much as I understand about it. One of my team also runs his own server at home and writes:

"i run PUP (package updater) about once a month on my centOS box. (google calendar reminder). Today there were 189 updates available. PUP will download them all, resolve all dependencies, and install them all, automatically, one click."

My question is: can VirtualMin or WebMin run updates to the OS that it lives on top of? In this case PUP? If so, how and from what menu or panel?

Or is this something we need to do ourselves or ask tech support to do for us at ServePath, from whom we lease this machine.


would a cronjob help to do a yum update?

Yeah, a cronjob will work great as Ronald mentioned, and is how I handle things on my systems that don’t have Webmin/Virtualmin running on them.

An option within Virtualmin that may help is in the "Virtualmin Package Updates" screen.

To get to that, click System Information, and choose one of the links next to the "Package updates" text. From there, choose "Updates and new".

At the bottom of that page is a section labeled "Scheduled checking options". You can use that to either:

  1. Notify you of available updates, or

  2. Perform updates for you when they’re available

Personally, I’m a fan of #1. Having updates performed automatically scares me, too many things can go wrong :slight_smile: But some people do it anyways.