Upgrade Virtualmin / Webmin on Ubuntu 14.04

I installed Virtualmin on a new box using the automated installer script listed on the Virtualmin website.

However, it appears that I’ve not been getting any upgrades to either Webmin or Virtualmin. Other system packages are showing up in Webmin, and are upgrading as expected. Looking at the Webmin info page I’m currently running the following versions:

Operating system Ubuntu Linux 14.04.2

Webmin version 1.782

Virtualmin version 5.0

From what I can gather, Webmin & Virtualmin should be updating via the package manager just like any other package, but this isn’t the case.

Any suggestions on what needs to be done to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, can you paste here or somewhere else your sources list please?

Im not sure how to do that… [helpppp!]


if you want we can do team viewer thing together, I do speak Slovak, English, Polish and Czech. I would go with you personally step by step to help you, while on phone or hangouts (free video calls). I guess there is way to tell you to do it all but, being truthful and normal human, this would be faster. Please keep it mind that I do live in UK (united kingdom) so my time zone is bound to that also I go sleep at 11pm of UK time… if you want me to help you shortly and fancy a chat about this issue, just contact me directly.

There is an another way, you can purchase the pro support without even having pro licence somewhere here on virtualmin.com website. if you feel it more comfortable please - search and do your stuff you need it to be done out there.

If you would prefer to learn your stuff here in forums, there are plenty of free genius who would love to help you. (I am one of them but unfortunately I am at the work right now - as self employed so you should understand what I am saying - but I would like to help you anyway sometime in evening)