"Upgrade" Virtualmin server to Cloudmin

Hi Guys

I have a tricky situation where I need some informations, tips, tricks and maybe support from you …

I have 2 physical servers:

Server 1: At the moment this one is a Virtualmin system with about 30 domains running. All these domains belongs to my customers and need to be running 24h a day.

Server 2: Here I installed Cloudmin and a virtual Virtualmin system where no domains are running at the moment. The virtual Virtualmin system is DNS Cluster Slave Server for Server 1

Server 3: A Webmin server which is configured as DNS Cluster Slave server for Server 1

Server 4: A Webmin server which is configured as DNS Cluster Slave server for Server 1

My goal is:

  • I want to reconfigure Server 1 from a Virtualmin server to a Cloudmin server
  • The Virtualmin installation on Server 1 should be running after all work is done as a virtual machine on Cloudmin on Server 1
  • The Vitrualmin Machine running on Server 1 should be replicated several times a day to Server 2
  • In case of a emergency I should be able to switch fast and easy all domains via DNS entry from Virtual Machine on Server 1 to Virtual Machine on Server 2

    Which steps do I think I need to achieve this goal:
  • First I need to move all Domains, settings, Files and everything which belongs to my customers from Server 1 to <Server 2
  • Then I need to change all DNS to point to the new Virtualmin on Server 1 so that my customers don’t have any interruptions
  • After this is completed I need to deinstall Virtualmin on for Server 1
  • Then I need to install Cloudmin on Server 1
  • Then I need to install a Virtual machine with Virtualmin on Server 1
  • After that I want to configure Cloudmin to do a replication of these 2 virtualmin installations

    What are my questions now:
  • First of all: Will this scenario with replicating between those 2 virtualmin systems work as I expect this? Maybe is there another (easier) methods to achieve this goal?
  • I have found this document for moving from a Virtualmin installation to another Virtualmin installation:
    https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/system/migrate … this should be no problem and should work for my case …
  • After that how can I tell Virtualmin (and all other Cluster Slave Server) that Server 1 won’t host DNS Master Zone anymore and that all Master Zones were transfered to Server 2?

    Thanks for you help!

    Best Regards


I am asking the same thing for a week now, I have a private issue opened. Just pinging to see if someone responds.
Jamies answer in my case was to virtualize everything, all the DNS stuff too, which I started doing.

After some restarts my VM became totally unusable: can’t access any service on it. I mean NONE, reviewed all my commands, stopped the firewall and so on. I can’t even login in Webmin or via SSH. And everything network wise is exactly the same. Even the domains on the host are running trouble free.

My problem anyway, don’t want to hijack the thread.