Upgrade to Debian Squeeze

Do i brake Virtualmin if i upgrade my server to Squeeze?

I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to Squeeze until it’s officially supported by Virtualmin. You can keep an eye out for when it’s supported in the News forum, as well as here:


So, firstly I have to upgrade virtualmin to version, that will incluse squeeze support, and only after that I can upgrade OS to squeeze?

As you know, Virtualmin tends to only support fresh installs. However, as Debian major releases are probably as smooth upgrades as you can get, I reckon waiting for Virtualmin to support squeeze, upgrading virtualmin, then upgrading to squeeze on debian, AND virtualmin repos at the same time, might work. As long as the same software is used for mail, etc. there is much less to worry about. Don’t forget this method would most likely be unsupported by the Webmin team.

I aim to do this myself, as the web servers I run are all lenny-based, and host large sites. Luckily for me everything’s virtualised. If it is unsupported I’ll compare lenny and squeeze virtualmin fresh installs and try and work out an upgrade path, test it out on a clone of my production server and write a guide on the forums if everything goes well. We still need to wait weeks for squeeze support in Virtualmin, and lenny will still be supported for some time to come, so there’s no need to rush, or even worry just yet :slight_smile:


Once Squeeze support is added, Virtualmin should handle the upgrade from Lenny to Squeeze without a problem.

What doesn’t work is running the install.sh script for the first time onto a live server with existing sites – that tends to break things :slight_smile:

When the new Ubuntu LTS version was released back in October, Joe wrote up a document describing what steps to take to make the upgrade work smoothly. If there’s any gotchas at all, I’d expect to see something similar.


Thanks for clearing that up for me Eric. :slight_smile:

Stealthii says above:

“We still need to wait weeks for squeeze support in Virtualmin”

Is this true?

I know it is hard to set firm dates, but is it likely to be weeks - as in 3-5+ maybe - as opposed to over the next week or two?

The reason for asking is that if it is a week or so, I would tend to wait.

If it is a month or so, perhaps I would go with the current Virtualmin and Lenny and upgrade when the time comes.

Thanks for any clues on this.

I promise not to grizzle if the dates go out a bit.

same here, i plan to migrate a system this month and would like to know if i better wait for squeeze support or if i have to go with lenny for the time being.

I know you guys are eager to see support for Debian Squeeze, but there’s no specific timeframe :slight_smile:

At the moment, the best I can offer is “a few weeks”.

Support for some distros has come in as little as a week, and others have taken over a month. Usually it’s somewhere in between that. It all comes down to what problems arise during packaging and testing.

Joe knows you’re waiting to see it and is hot on the case :slight_smile:


Joe posted an update regarding Squeeze support here:


It’s a long post, but the short answer is that he hopes to have Squeeze support available in about a week.

Have a good one,


@Atomboy, Hal9000

My current production server has just had a new host, moved from CentOS to a Lenny host. It’s been up less than a month really. I too was hoping for preliminary support for Squeeze ( considering too that Squeeze hasn’t really changed much in the past two months anyway :slight_smile: ) but after all - the upgrade path is supported, so even if it’s a week or a few days from now, an upgrade isn’t that bad compared to a fresh install

Debian has been great for this for years (another server I run has gone from Sarge to Squeeze over 5 years, and not a hiccup has occurred)