Upgrade to Cloudmin Pro?


I’m currently running Cloudmin GPL and got about 15 VMs running. I’m considering moving some services over to docker and would therefore purchase Cloudmin Pro.

My question is this, if I go for the lowest tier (10 VMs), what would happen as I currently have 15 running? Is the limitation that only 10 can be running at the same time or will 5 of them dissapear from the system list?

Should I:

  1. Go for the 50 VMs subscription (a bit overkill as I would hopefully end up with 5-6 VMs)
  2. Go for the 10 VMs and only keep 10 powered on at the same time (would this work?)
  3. Set up all the docker services first and reduce the VM count to 10 before purchasing Cloudmin Pro

Howdy - just a quick note using my phone while I’m on the road… The way the licensing works, it’s based on how many VM’s are added to your system. So if you switch your current installation to a cloudmin pro 10, it would think it’s at capacity and not allow you to add more.

You could reduce the number of systems on there, you could install cloudmin pro elsewhere, or you could pick up a cloudmin 50 for now and reduce it to a 10 once you have less than 10 VM’s on your system.

I’ll be able to respond more once I get home if you have additional questions!

Does a docker container also count as a system? I upgraded to Cloudmin Pro but when I go to my docker host (in Cloudmin) and select “Find Docker Containers” it gives me “Cloudmin has reached its license limit of 10 systems”. I also can’t see any way of creating new docker instances, I think it is possibly hidden since I’ve got more than 10 systems?

For anyone else wondering the same thing, apparently every container and VM counts as a virtual system. I deleted a couple of VMs and got the count below 10 and could then import all my docker instances. Then the system count showed 17 and I couldn’t add any more VMs or containers. I changed my subscription to Cloudmin Pro 50