Upgrade or Replace PHP 5.4.16 with PHP 7.0 in Webmin/Virtualmin


When I installed Webmin/Virtualmin the default PHP version is 5.4.16 and 7.0 is there also, PHP 5.4.16, 7.0.10

I’m setting up Blesta and this requires Ioncube 7.0, Webmin has PHP 5.4.16 by default so I installed the same

version of Ioncube, which Blesta won’t recognise.

So I went to Virtualmin and changed the default php version to 7.0 for my virtual host (main domain) but that won’t work either.

How would I go about setting this up so I only have php 7.0, then my server might recognize Ioncube 7.0 when I install it?

Or is there a chance that the php 7.0 version has a different directory structure I’m not sure.

I have looked at a few tutorials but not sure which is the right one.

Thanks in advance.