Upgrade license 10 to 50 fail


I have buy an upgrade 10 to 50 license but no payement in my account and the email I receive say pending and no payement or pending request into my paypal account.

Its very annoying. I cant continue my work without that upgrade and I loose lot of money during that time! (about 80$/hour) so please fix it fast!


Sorry about the delay, Paypal has flagged this for some reason and left it in Pending status.

I’ve contacted Joe and Jamie to look into it further, they’ll be in touch. In the meantime, I’ve increased your license limit to 13.


Jamie looked into this, and the order seems to have stalled prior to it reaching Paypal, so there’s no explanation of why it didn’t go through.

What we did is cancel your order – then you can attempt the upgrade process again, and hopefully it’ll go through smoothly this time!