Updating Rsyslog to Current

On CentOS 6.5, I would like to use these instructions to update rsyslog to current. I need to have a version of it that parses multi-line messages, and that is only available on 7.5.3+ (CentOS officially is at 5.8.1).

I have confirmation that on standard CentOS (no control panel), upgrading via the method above does not break things. Should I expect it to mess up Webmin at all?


A new syslog version is unlikely to break Webmin/Virtualmin, though we only test the package versions included with distros, so we don’t have any experience attempting that :slight_smile:

If you try it, my suggestion would be to make a backup of all the syslog related config files first (or perhaps all files in /etc).


I upgraded to rsyslog 8.2.2 and so far, so good. Minor changes in the config file were needed.

Thanks Eric!