Updating Joomla to Unsupported version

Hi there,

I can’t figure out how to update Joomla to an unsupported version using the Install Scripts link in Virtualmin Pro.

I know its because the Joomla URL has a different number in it for each release, its just how their forge works. I asked on their forum if there is a predictable download link but they didn’t respond to me (http://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=429&t=407576).

So my question is what file do I have to modify in order to update the URL to retrieve the newest version?

Thanks =)



If using the “un-supported version” option in the Install Scripts isn’t working for you, you could take a look at /usr/{share,libexec}/webmin/virtual-server/scripts/joomla.pl – around line 139 is where the URL’s are defined.

Good luck!


Awesome that worked thank you!!! =) I also changed the version # at the top of the file and it updated perfectly.



Hi Ryan,

I’m glad it’s working!

Just to be clear though – are you saying it didn’t work to go to Install Scripts -> Install Un-supported, and to set your desired version in the “Version number” there?


Yes exactly. It wouldn’t detect the new version properly because each release on the forge has a different number in the URL.

Thanks, Eric.

/usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/scripts/joomla.pl – around line 139 is where the URL’s are defined.

I am looking at the script, but not comprehending…why there’s the mention of Spanish language, and why there are two lines (144-145 in 3.71 Pro) after the question about whether the version is > 1.5?

Can I get some simple stupid details on how to edit this file such that it will allow me to update all my Joomla 1.5.13s to 1.5.14?


around line 20 must be the following:


sub script_joomla_versions
return ( “1.5.14”, “1.0.15” );

Then the downloadlocation around line 140

local @files = ( { ‘name’ => “source”,
‘file’ => “Joomla_$ver-Full_Package.tar.gz”,
‘url’ => $opts->{‘lang’} eq ‘es’ ?
http://developer.joomla.org/sf/frs/do/downloadFile/projects.spanish/frs.joomla_spanish_premium.joomla_spanish_1_0_12/frs8254?dl=1” :
$ver < 1.5 ?
http://joomlacode.org/gf/download/frsrelease/6828/22537/Joomla_$ver-Stable-Full_Package.tar.gz” :
http://joomlacode.org/gf/download/frsrelease/10785/42655/Joomla_$ver-Stable-Full_Package.tar.gz” } );
return @files;
where the last line is corrected to the latest version, 10785/42655 is important

I don’t know about spanish version but you’ll need to correct the download location I suppose