Updating Apache / Moving to Testing - No Luck

Hello Virtualmin friends!

I had an outside vendor run a vulnerability scan on one of my virtualmin servers. A recurring recommendation was upgrading Apache. I am running Virtualmin GPL on Debian Jessie; its current Apache release is 2.4.10. They want at least 2.4.16, with 2.4.25 being recommended.

At present, it seems that the newer version is in the ‘testing’ repos. I edited my sources.list to go from ‘jessie’ to ‘testing’, and ran an apt-get update/upgrade. It ran, it installed a bunch of things, I restarted, and Virtualmin still seems to be stuck on 2.4.10.

I appreciate whatever assistance is available.




One of the problems with many testing tools, is that they don’t account for vendors backporting bugfixes and security updates into the software versions they ship.

So although Apache 2.4.10 is the most recent Apache version available on the Linux distribution you’re using – it’s also fully up to date, with no known security issues.

Note that Virtualmin doesn’t provide the Apache version for Debian 8, that’s provided by Debian itself.


as Eric said…you are running most recent stable apache… however if you feel that answer was no accurate towards your needs - hire some or any security researchers.