Updates - Do I install em or be cautious?

Guys, I saw a warning notification on my Webmin dashboard regarding updates. My question is - should I generally install all OS and Virtualmin updates as they come in or be cautious with what I install?

See image below:
Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

It is not safe to not run updates regularly. There is no question; you must run updates regularly. It’s why we tell you about them very loudly.

Of course things can go wrong with updates. But, there is no scenario where you should run outdated software on a world-facing server.

Edit: But, damn, I didn’t look at the image, and that’s not even what this is. Your image is just showing that you already updated your software, and Webmin recognizes that your CentOS minor version changed. Has nothing to do with running updates…you already updated! This button just tells Webmin to update the OS version it uses for determining what configs to use, etc. It is safe.

I use Virtualmin to update everything; Virtualmin itself, the OS, my Plex Media Server, everything.

Never had an issue.

Yes, I had an issue (thread posted in this same section of the forum) whereby I couldn’t clone or create a new virtual server (some sort of DNS issue). Anyway, long story short - the issue was resolved after I installed updates.

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