Update virtual server (problem)


I’m doing some tests about updating php from the “List virtual servers” menu but it seems that there’s some bugs and things dont work as expected.

First, i’m selecting the new php version that is installed on my server (5.5) but it fail to update, saying: Failed to update virtual servers : Number of PHP sub-processes must be between 1 and 20.

I would keep it at 0 because i want process to be used on demand, i dont want to allocate memory for many unused process. I tried "Don’t change’, “None” and “0” options but nothing is working.

Because i didnt had other choices, i’ve setup the process number at 1 and i was able to save and update but my php version didnt updated…

My goal, at the end, is to be able to update php version for all my virtual servers. I dont want to do it manually because i have a lot of virtual servers.

I will appreciate your suggestions.