Update Tracker / Ticker / News?


It would be nice to know whenever any kind of updates are made to the installer and such, like a changelog which will let us know whats in the loop, what still needs testing etc.

NOthing extravagant, just something small will do.


Hey Faisal,

This is an excellent idea. I’ve actually been working on something along these lines (primarily for security update notifications…but maybe I’ll expand it out a bit to be a running changelog with a flag for security changes). It’s got some problems at the moment…I’m expanding the “news” module that I use on the front page, but I haven’t figured out how to have a second instance without the entries getting intermingled. I’ll get it figured out soon, though.

Another idea I’ve been thinking on is a news module for Webmin itself. Probably a perl RSS feed reader could be dropped in without much work (our news module supports RSS subscriptions, though it still has some clunky bits).

that all sounds sweet.