Update php

I just did a fresh install of virtualmin and I noticed php is version 5.1.6. I thought it should of come with 5.2+ how do I update php to the latest?


If you’re using CentOS, CentOS includes PHP version 5.1.6 with it’s distribution.

Since many web apps do require a newer PHP version, Virtualmin offers a bleeding edge PHP repo for folks who wish to use a newer PHP version.

You can read how to set that up here:


Ok I ran this command

rpm -ivh http://software.virtualmin.com/bleed/centos/5/i386/virtualmin-bleed-release-1.0-1.rhel.noarch.rpm

So what do I do next?

You should be able to update the various PHP packages by running “yum update php”.


ye people, you need to update the repository, Check this, Worked me fine