Update language wording that still show up in English

I tried putting this in internationalization, but it seems abandonded. Nobody responds. Let’s see if it works here… I’m not exactly new to webmin, been using it for years, excellent. Some of my users use the spanish language and I have installed the Translation assistant module to translate some of the stuff that hasn’t been translated yet. I have updated many words and that’s great, but a lot of the left menu items still show up in English, and I’ve tried everything and they won’t change. I’ve looked directly in the language files and nothing. I was wondering if someone could give me a little push in the right direction.

The menu items I need to change that still show up in English:

Edit Users – Edit Mail Aliases — Change domain name — change password — Configure SSL Website — Configure Website PHP 7.0 —Configuration Protected Directories

Almost everything else is translated correctly. I’ve greped the language and system files looking for those, it seems Edit Users is translated but not used, I’ve tried a lot of stuff and it’s not working. Maybe somebody can give me a suggestion of where I might find the left menu translation as I can’t seem to find it.

Thanks so much. Frank.