Update Error

I couldn’t update Virtualmin 5 of the updates return in error


Thank you


Hmm, what happens if you try performing the updates from the command line? You can do that by running this command:

apt-get upgrade

When doing that, what output do you receive?


i use the command and i got this message http://www.ultraimg.com/QkA0 so i click “YES” after that everything went normal http://www.ultraimg.com/QkAG

But there is still one update pending and i try to update it in my control panel but i got this error again. http://www.ultraimg.com/QkAY

I did “apt-get update” and output return with error http://www.ultraimg.com/images/vDQgu.png

Again i did “apt-get upgrade” http://www.ultraimg.com/images/1J8nD.png

Thank you :slight_smile: