Update emails and my findings

I was thinking of updating my last thread on a similar thing but this seems to warrant its own post.

About a month ago I setup update emails but needed to look into the account that sent them which I sorted out.

Then I didn’t receive any update emails which was strange until I get one today.

I notice that the update emails are for virtualmin and webmin packages only and not for system packages.

As over the last month I have updated system packages in virtualmin a total of 5 or so times without any notification emails letting me know there were packages to be installed and today I get a ‘wbm-virtual-server from 4.09.gpl-1 to 4.10.gpl-1’ package to update and suddenly I get a email sent.

So appears the emails are virtualmin / webmin only packages. Also I do check my spam folders very regularly and nothing was sent even the postfix logs had nothing.

Can this be changed to include all system packages please. As system packages for security and other updates are very important to be notified about.

This seems a general coding thing unrelated to a particular platform webmin, virtualmin etc.

My platform is Centos 6.5 bit I presume this is a generalized issue.