Unrecognized user when replying to email

I got this from a client:
“apparently when he goes to reply to my email he get’s a message that I am an unrecognized user. I am confused and it doesn’t make sense.”

I have seen this before…I think the full error is “unrecognized user in virtual host file” or similar. I have inquired, of course.

I found nothing when searching for this string on the Vmin site, so I likely have it slightly wrong.


Can you post the full error message as seen in the email log – that’s either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log.

Also, are you sure the email address the user is using is correct? That can happen if they use an incorrect “From” address.


I can’t locate the specific message, but there are lots of “User unknown in virtual alias table” in my log.