Unknown Miniserv.pl memory blowouts


I dont know where to start with this and am looking for guidance in this area.

miniserv.pl is definately wreaking havok on my Xen VPS, weve upped the memory from 256 to 256mb and it’s till having issues:

  • Regularly crashing, most often leaving Apache still running.
  • Memory blowouts which crash VPS.

I just SSH’d TOP and saw 2 miniserv.pl instances running both at 111m RES, i had just logged into VirtualMin.
SSH had become unresponsive (couldnt log into 2nd instance) but I managed to restart Apache and this seemed to release the RAM VirtualMin was holding.

Where to start to resolve this?



I just noticed I went from 1 miniserv.pl (sometime after the above), which jumps to 3 miniserv.pl instances, when I log into VM, and back to 2 when I logged out.

MEMORY ref above SHOULD BE “weve upped the memory from 256 to mb and it’s still having issues”.
In TOP it reads: 393216k total