unix user home directory detection

I’m trying to create chrooted sftp users with “Create Virtual Server” function, but the home directory detection works interesting: (probably) i’ve found which function defines the home directory ( sub server_home_directory() in virtual-server-lib-funcs.pl ), i modified a bit (as you can see it on the screenshot, but still gives interesting: in domain_setup.cgi the error() gives //home/username insted of simple /. How can this happen? Am i missing something?



Hrm, I’m not entirely certain I follow what you’re trying to do… however, to actually chroot sftp users, you’d have to modify sftp’s behaviour, as well as the users environment.


Well, that part is already done, i’ve found the subroutine that creates the user (create_user) and workarounded that, so it now works. The problem is that i don’t want to spend lots of time with changing back that workaround if i update virtualmin or webmin. The problem is that server_home_directory does not return the value i expect.