Unix account used for Virtualmin backups


Please could someone explain which unix account is used for backups configured in Virtualmin? I am unsure if a system-wide Virtualmin backup will use a particular account and also if vhosts use their own account to do the backup.

The reason for asking is so that I can specify the options for “User files are owned by” and “Group files are owned by” in my network mount.

Thanks in advance,


Do you mean the local Linux user which becomes the owner of backups in mode “Local file or directory”? Virtualmin stores these as “root:root”.

Thanks. I mean the account used to execute the backup, as this will need to have permission on the mount…

That would most likely be “root”, since Webmin does not have a user of its own. It performs all its stuff as root. At least I can see that the “gzip” command that zips the home directories runs as “root”. So I’m assuming its parent processes must run as root too.

Great - thanks Locutus, i’ll give it a try!