unistalling virtualmin

hello we want to unistall virtualmin completely from our servers. how can we manage to do that without lossing any email account and users and any service of virtualmin?
there is a documentation of unistalling but it says that unistall will leave behind all services like apache and bind.
does anyone knows about other services and users and also secondary servers?
thank you.


The uninstall process only removes Virtualmin, Webmin, Usermin, and the various modules provided by Virtualmin.

It does not remove services such as Apache, Postfix, BIND, and other things that Virtualmin may have configured.

What is it you want it to remove exactly?

If you’re concerned about removing Virtualmin, or you wish to be able to use Virtualmin again later (as removing it will also remove all the metadata within Virtualmin that tells it about all your domains), you could always just disable the Webmin and Usermin processes.