unique listserve names???


I have nearly a dozen sites on my VM - GPL managed server. Several of these are membership organizations. In setting up listserves I have tried to use members@domain.tld several times. It worked the first time but subsequently I get an error - duplicate name. The fully qualified name is not duplicated, just the name of the list at that domain. Does anyone have an idea about how to get several listserves in different domains to have the same listname?


Hi Dave,

Yeah, unfortunately, Mailman isn’t entirely shared host friendly… Virtualmin jumps through some hoops to get that to work.

Mailman doesn’t distinguish between what domain (or Virtual Server) a list is running on – lists are “keyed” on the list name, so any given list name can only be used once per server.

Of course, I’m not a Mailman expert, so if someone knows something I’m overlooking here, please feel free to chime in :slight_smile:

I’ll offer another suggestion though – where I can, I’ve recently been migrating people away from Mailman and into PHPList, when dealing with one-way announcement and newsletter lists.

I find PHPList to be easier to manage, more resource friendly, and shared server friendly.

Have a good one,

I think you’re right. I checked on the mailman developers’ list and there is to be a fix in version 3.0 currently at alpha-2, but for now I guess I’ll use domain-listname format.

Now I know why I’ve seen that usage in so many places.

Thanks very much.