Unique hosting types

this is what I am trying to achieve:
a. host a few websites will full functionality (web, mail, db etc)
b. host a few websites with only web (no emails, no DB)
c. host a few FTP servers (file transfer only, nothing else)
d. host lots of parked domains (which point to one single virtual server created - alias)

Is it do-able? If yes, what are some of the configuration templates which I can setup to accommodate these with ease?

Thanks in advance.


It sounds like for ‘a’, you’d need to create an Account Plan that has all features.

And then, for ‘b’, you could create an account plan that doesn’t provide a MySQL or Postgres database or an email feature.

For ‘c’, you could create an account plan with nearly all features disabled.

And for ‘d’, you could allow folks to create an Alias by creating an account plan with “Limit on number of alias servers” set to a high number, or unlimited, and set “Limit on number of virtual servers” to 1.

However, all the things you’re asking about could be achieved by modifying Account Plan related settings.


Eric, appreciate your help. A followup question. Can we have custom Zone Templates for each of the options?

I mean, for type b/c, it does not make sense to create MX records added. Please advise.


You can create custom DNS zones in Virtualmin’s Server Templates.

So what you’d need to do is just make sure that a user who is given a particular Account Plan also is given a matching Server Template.