Uninstall Virtualmin without losing mail server


I have a fully working Virtualmin installation with a fully working mail server; dovecot and postfix. However, I have just removed clamd, postgresql, vsftpd, and mailmain to lower the memory usage as it was incredibly high, and I wanted to know how I could also remove Virtualmin, but while retaining the mail server?

Look forward to hearing some replies.



Well, you don’t actually need to remove Virtualmin to stop it from using memory – you could always just stop the service.

To do that, you can run this command:

/etc/init.d/webmin stop

You also may want to prevent it from starting at bootup… though how to do that differs depending on your distro.


I’m doing that at the moment, however I actually have no need to use virtualmin anymore now that the servers are setup and everything is fine with the mail server and apache, so there really isn’t much point in having it.

So you are never going to need to add a new user? Reset a password? etc …

If you stop the webmin service the memory usage of the virtualmin components will be zero.

Are you running on a OpenVZ based VPS? There are some tweaks to greatly lower memory usage. I can run the full stack, ClamAV, Spamassassin, etc on a 512MB memory VPS.