Unified Login

We’re using Virtualmin for a community site. Lots of users. Lots of CMSs.

We’d LOVE a way to have a user have a single login that would work for the various CMSs we have: blogs, forums, wikis, mail lists, etc, etc. Instead, each user has to repeat the registration for every new service.

Is there a way to avoid this? Virtualmin handles this nicely for things like admin logins for CMSs … mysql defaults to the admin user for example. Ditto for most install scripts. Any way to extend this to users?

I’ve heard OpenID is a solution that some CMSs use for a web-wide login so that you don’t have to keep creating a new login for Drupal on every website. But I don’t think that solves the problem on a single system across multiple CMSs.

I’m afraid this is something that has to happen within the apps themselves, which we’ll never have the resources to tackle (it would mean we’d have to maintain a big chunk of code in every application we provide–it’d probably end up being more coding effort than all of our current codebases combined). OpenID is a good solution to the problem, and some friends of ours are building an easy-to-use OpenID solution called ClickPass, which might be worth looking into. You can find them here: http://www.clickpass.com

I suspect OpenID will, within the next year, become popular enough to be incorporated in most of your favorite apps.