Undo Mistake, Copied SSL Cert for Site to Webmin?

After struggling to successfully add SSL to my new ecommerce site, I foolishly hit copy to webmin in the manage SSL certs menu. Now of course my browser complains when I go to the Virtualmin login. (Virtualmin installation hosts a few ecommerce sites and has different domain name than all of them)

Is there an easy way of fixing my mistake, taking out the copied cert and going back to the regular selfsigned cert for my host domain?


You can’t undo it… but you can generate a new SSL cert for Webmin (and thus Virtualmin).

You can either create a new SSL cert for one of your Virtual Servers, and copy that one in… or you can go into Webmin -> Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> SSL Encryption, and generate a new one there just for Webmin/Virtualmin.