Understanding Account Plans

Hi there, I am trying to figure out if this is possible.

I want each System Owner to be able to have one or more virtual systems. But, I want to be able to define the systems that they would be able to create.

For example, I offer a plan for a 256MB, 1GB Xen server. I want the user to be able to add 1 or more of these systems. Or, I also offer a 512MB, 2GB Xen server.

I want the System Owner to be able to create 1 or more systems, but they can also choose from one of these two defined system configurations. I don’t want them to create systems within a resource definition. I want them to be limited to adding systems based on configurations that I define ahead of time.

For example, they could have 3 systems in the account: 2 of the 256MB, 1GB plans. and 1 of the 512MB, 2GB plans.

The key here is to be able to define each system instance with a specific capacity.

Phew, I hope this makes sense. Is this possible to do in Cloudmin?

Thank you.

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I’ll ask Jamie if he can chime in on this!



At the moment, you can’t create a plan like this in Cloudmin - instead, you define overall limits that the system owner’s RAM and disk usage cannot exceed in total. So for example you could have a 512MB RAM / 2GB disk plan, that they could use to create 2 systems with 256MB RAM and 1GB disk each. Or they could create a single system that uses up all the RAM and disk…

Personally, I think the current behavior in Cloudmin makes sense, as it is the customer’s total usage that you want to limit, not how they slice it up …

I guess I have to look at how to define the CPU limits, etc. On the surface it seems that a single 256MB RAM server will consume less than 4 - 64MB servers. But I do agree it’s an interesting approach. It allows freedom to use your resources as you see fit. Very cool.