Under Construction page in all vhosts

Hi there

We installed yesterday a new virtualmin server (apache bundle) and started migrating from old server.
The issue is… all vhosts, all domains, display the under construction new page.

Vhosts aren’t looking for public_html pages at all.
Any hints?


Before you delete the Index.html page in the folders, rename them and see what it does.

index.html is a good place to start.

potentially Apache or Bind needs a restart ?
sometimes upgrade from old server cn nbe an issue, with me I had issues with SVN not installed with incorrect setting for SVN in httpd conf file (just as an example of issue upgrading)

what Version of virtualmin ?

This has to do with the order the pages are set to display by default,
it usually is set like index.html, index.htm, index.php, etc…
If for instance you install a wordpress site, it would be using the index.php but it would never get displayed as long as the default “under construction” page is still there.
As stated above, rename the index.html to something else to get it out of the way temporarily and that should solve your problem.
You can also change the default order and move the index.html down to the end and achieve the same thing that way if your php page stopped working for some reason the other pages would pick up still.

It looks for the index.html first even if you have an index.php (like wordpress). I just renamed my index.html to index_back.html and then all worked as expected.

Great. Now you. An delete the page.

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