Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender for some accounts for the same domain

Hi There,

I have Virtualmin GPL 6.12 and Webmin 1.955 installed over Centos 7. Most of the configured email accounts on this server work great and also for other domains configured over this server are working well. ( I am able to send and receive emails from Gmail, Yahoo and outlook)

But there are certain accounts like support@domain1.com, noreply@domain1.com, support@domain.com, such account does not work. By does not work I mean, I am able to send emails in the same domain but when I try to send email to Gmail or Outlook I receive a bounce back " Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" with the error of DMARC policy.

However, I am able to send email from other email accounts for same domain without any DMARC failures as these are already configured in the DNS.

I have also noticed that every email account configured on this server with the rDNS configured as that of the domain, are delivering/receiving emails flawlessly, the issue is only with the other domains configured on this server.

Is there anything I am missing here.


If email from thisuser@domain.tld is getting past Gmail spam filters and email from thatuser@domain.tld is not getting delivered then it does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with your setup. Gmail will accept email from thisuser@domain.tld because the recipient has thisuser@domain.tld in the address book even though DKIM for domain.tld is absent, whereas Gmail will reject email from thatuser@domain.tld for any number of reasons, even if DKIM for domain.tld is configured perfectly.

That’s just how it is.

Hi Calport,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. To fix it further I have deleted the domain and recreated, did a restart of the entire system and now this issue is fixed. Emails are working for every user.


Good to know that it all worked out. Thanks for letting us know. -:slight_smile:

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