unclear how to setup specific Cron


I need a Cron which must fire every day at 1:30 except Saturday and Sunday.

So at the section “When to execute” I choosen “Times and dates selected below”.

Then for:

  • minute I choosen “Selected” and “30”
  • hours I choosen “Selected” and “1”
  • hours I choosen “All”
  • months I choosen “All”
  • weekdays I choosen “Selected” and all days except Saturday and Sunday

However it seem Cron still fire Saturday and Sunday.

I made something wrong ??


Can you post a screenshot and the resulting crontab entry please? Also, you wrote that you chose “Selected and 1” and also “All” for “hours”. You might want to double-check that.

Thank for reply.

Take a look to screenshot…


Hmm, can you show us what the resulting line from the user’s crontab looks like?

You can see that by running the command “crontab -l” as the user while on the command line.


For what I know my host do not allow me to run command line. I use Virtualmin as admin of 20 domain…

The crontab command should be executable also as a non-privileged user, since to be able to create cron entries as non-root, also Webmin needs to have access to it…

Mmm so I must ask my host because I don’t know how give the requested info by Eric. I will update this post soon…


Go to Others -> Command Shell under the Webmin section. Type “crontab -l” in the box, and click execute command, this should give you the information Eric requires.

In the section “Others” the only sub-categories I have is:

  • File Manager
  • Protected Web Directories

Sounds like you are not logged in as root. Can you login as root?

No as I said more above, I have only a simple account. I contacted my host and I wait a reply of him. In any case many thank to trying to help :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t see that, I created the same cron job and what I saw looked ok to me.

30 1 * * 1-5 echo test

When your host checks they will need to run that command with an additional parameter.

crontab -l -u USERNAME