unavailable features for server admins

I am using the GPL version.

When I create a server as a root I can view all posible features that I can enable or disable for that server. But when I log in as the server administrator of the server I just created and try to create a sub-server I can only view portion of the server features, even though I am using the exact same template. Features like "DNS domain enabled", "Webalizer reporting enabled" and "Relay mail for domain" are not displayed until after I create the server and edit it again.

I don’t mind the last two, but I don’t understand why DNS is not available in the first place. I have to create the sub-server and then edit it and enable DNS and then save it. Only then the DNS zone is created.

I have DNS enabled everywhere in the Virtualmin that I have been able to find it: server templates, features and plug-ins and module config.

Why is this happening and how can I fix it. This did not used to happen until couple of Virtualmin upgrades ago. All features enabled for the main server were also available when creating sub-server as the server admin.


Well, when you create a sub-server, it would default to using the template called "Defaults Settings For Sub-Servers".

So if you go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Defaults Settings For Sub-Servers, then click the “Default Domain Owner Limits” – there’s two sections that might be applicable there.

At the top is "Defaults available features" – but towards the bottom of that page is "Default editing capabilities".

Do any of those seem unusual?

You might also verify that in System Settings -> Features and Plugins, that “Default” is checked for DNS and the other ones you’re interested in.

Thanks for the response Eric.

If you read through my post you wills see that DNS is enabled in all locations. In addition I am creating the sub-server with the same template that was used when creating the server, the only difference is that I am doing it while logged in as the server admin - not root.

Also, in cases when using sub-server templates, their features default to the enabled features of the template used to create the server, when the sub-server template is set to “Automatic, based on initial features”. It doesn’t make seance to have different sub-server templates default to one template when you have different server and sub-server templates.

Joe, any idea what could be causing this?

Server Templates only apply to servers to be created in the future…current virtual servers available features are set (mostly) in the Administration Options:Edit Owner Limits (with other stuff set in other pages in the Administrative Options menu) for the domain.

I am creating a new server and sub-server from that template. The only difference is who is creating the sub-server. In this case the server administrator is creating the sub-server.

I have tried this with new and with old servers and sub-servers running on the system. You have told me in the past to apply template changes to old server just to disable and then enable the server.

I have bind and DNS enabled in templates and in webmin and Vmin options, wherever possible. This problem did not exist in the past, but only started after version updates in the past few months.