Unattended Automatic Virtualmin installation

Original post was about CentOS (Edit: actually, we don’t know what the original distro was! it was yet another comment that identified their distro as CentOS!). It’s not a big deal, I was just confused (the database landscape is one of the areas of real difference across the various distributions we support).

I mean does it work? When you start/stop mysql from within (using the buttons) the Webmin MySQL module, does it do what it is supposed to? That’s the first step to making sure the configuration Webmin has for the database is correct (it can still be wrong if the config file path is wrong, maybe some other things…I’m working from memory here).

yup - on the system information > server status > MySQL Database Server, starting and stopping works perfectly. Just using the cli : virtualmin set-mysql-pass --user root --pass {{ new_password }} requires manually starting and stopping mysql.

Thanks for your help by the way, I’ve got this working very well with Ansible now, just the issue above that does not quite work as expected.