Unable to upload large files after downgrading 413 - error


Everything was working fine. I was able to upload large files, largest i uploded was 800mb.

I downgrade to 6.11 from pro.

Now I can’t upload a 100mb file

I’m seeing Error: 413 - error.
Note: Please read more about this error and how to solve it, in our wiki page online.

When I connect to the server via IP:10000 I can upload files but not via domain:10000 which is proxied to localhost.

Please help, spent 2 days on this.


This issue is caused by the proxy itself. For example, Apache has time request limits. Besides, mod_security has its own, quite enforcing limitations.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

But things were working fine.

Any suggestions how to troubleshoot the issue?

When exactly it was working fine? What file size are we talking about?

Upload and Download module loads chunks in RAM, while uploading it, and it’s easy to understand what’s happening wrong in this scenario. @Jamie is this really necessary? Could we simply push it to the drive directly, the same way we do it in File Manager?

@digitalapps If you need to upload super large files, use File Manager and it’s upload feature (F10) to directly upload files of any size. Proxies, and why they might fail, is completely different story.

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I had a gpl, version, setup all my virtual hosts, uploaded files. One of those .zip files was 800+ mb. I was using file manager for each virtual host. The usual process , press f10, drag and drop the archive and upload would start, no issues.

Then I upgraded to pro, and downgraded back to gpl. I noticed now I cant upload 100mb zip file to the server using the same steps i took before.

My proxy setup didnt change. It is currently setup as per this tutorial https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-webmin-on-ubuntu-18-04

in regards to limits on apache and php, we have pushed all the limits to the max. we dont have mod_security configured.

If you run Webmin without using proxy, as domain.com:10000, do you still have the same issue?

Uploads work without an issue.

Regarding proxy, I haven’t touched the config for proxy since it has been setup. Not sure how to troubleshoot this. Any ideas please?

This is not Virtualmin issue. We shouldn’t be helping you out with this. I think you would want to take a look at this post. It suggests tweaking ProxyTimeout directive in global scope. However, there might be other timeout restrictions, like defined by TimeOut directive.

I would just tried locally scope solution, like:

ProxyPass "/webmin" "" connectiontimeout=3000 timeout=3000