Unable to send/Outgoing Email

I have setup a webmin server with hostname as web.domain.tld & have a virtual server as domain.tld

I am able to receive incoming emails for domain.tld but when sending outgoing, it bounces back with message “ExternalDomain.tld loops back to myself”

var log shows:

web postfix/smtpd[11911]: connect from web.domain.tld[]

web postfix/smtpd[11911]: 4DDEC10E92C3: client=web.domain.tld[]

web postfix/smtpd[11911]: disconnect from web.domain.tld[]

web postfix/smtpd[11911]: warning: hostname web.domain.tld does not resolve to address

web postfix/smtpd[11911]: connect from unknown[]

web postfix/smtp[11913]: warning: host ExternalDomain.tld[x.x.x.x]:25 greeted me with my own hostname web.domain.tld

web postfix/smtp[11913]: warning: host ExternalDomain.tld[x.x.x.x]:25 replied to HELO/EHLO with my own hostname web.domain.tld

web postfix/smtp[11913]: 4DDEC10E92C3: to=<alias(@)ExternalDomain.tld>, relay=ExternalDomain.tld[x.x.x.x]:25, delay=0.12, delays=0.04/0.01/0.06/0, dsn=5.4.6, status=bounced (mail for ExternalDomain.tld loops back to myself)

web postfix/smtpd[11911]: disconnect from unknown[]

FYI, is the private IP of the server. It has a public IP as well.

What am I doing wrong?


You need to properly configure your server so it knows about the “public ip” address.

Go to Server Configuration > Change IP Address and if the value beside External IP address: Same as real address reads the “private ip” address, then change the radio button to the field beside that, and enter your “public ip” address so that your Virtual Server knows which IP address is to be used for public inquiries.

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