Unable to receive emails

OK. I’ve messed up somewhere and I don’t know where but all external emails are being rejected.

Does anyone have a working config file that supports SASL for both POP and SMTP please as right now, I can’t receive any emails from external sources on my internal site.

Alternatively, if someone could give me a few pointers of which bit I should look at in the main.cf or master.cf (or even both) then I will try and “rebuild” my config files accordingly. I am using the default POSTFIX/Dovecot install.

I don’t really want to have to start my server from scratch again but I’ve read you can’t reset POSTFIX back to defaults unless you have a backup, which I don’t (silly me, but I haven’t finished sorting everything yet).

As always, any help is appreciated.

BTW, the status code is 5.7.1, sender address rejected and I’ve tried sending from both outlook.com and gmail.com with the same result.

SASL only applies to SMTP. POP3/IMAP authenticate using a different protocol and through a different daemon (dovecot). A SASL problem will not affect POP3/IMAP and a POP3/IMAP problem will not affect SASL.

main.cf and master.cf cannot break POP3/IMAP access, so if both services are broken, you’ve got a different problem than you think.

Post the exact maillog entries that appear when you attempt to login (for each service, because they will be different and their solution will be different, unless it’s something that affects both, like username being wrong).