Unable to post in forum

OK. I am trying to post an issue I have with code but every time I try to post I get an access denied.

How do I post the contents of a conf file or do I need to attach it as a zip file or something?

Please could someone let me know as I have an issue with the www alias and it’s driving me crazy.

You should be able to copy and paste the important parts and place it between some quote tags

Forum software is pretty much crap, use txt as usual and links to sites like postbin, many of them also post image etc etc.

I go through and publish moderated messages every day or two. Your message (one of them) has been published.

Sorry for the inconvenience. It’s the price we pay for mostly spam-free forums. You can avoid the spam filters by avoiding posting URLs and domain names in your posts. If you need to include a domain or URL, convert it to “domain.tld”, which doesn’t seem to trigger the spam filter (but, the spam filter is some kind of machine learning filter, so it may decide to filter those domains, too at some point).

Code should be included in <code> tags, or you can use Markdown backticks for inline code. But code rarely triggers the filter. It is nearly always the inclusion of a domain, a URL, or an email address. If you figure out how to leave those out (or convert them to something innocuous looking), your message won’t get moderated.

Regardless, you don’t need to post multiple times; I’ll get it out of moderation queue as soon as I see it. (I occasionally miss things; you can ask us to un-mod something if it hasn’t been unmodded after about 24 hours by opening a ticket in the tracker.)

Hi Joe and thanks for the explanation. It may be advisable change the posted message from just saying “Your post and been posted to the forum” to “Your post is in a queue and will be posted to the forum once it has been reviewed by a moderator” or add that as part of the introduction/agreement although (like me) people tend to speed read those.

I’ve taken note of using the tld and it’s obviously this which was causing my message to be marked as “spam” rather (or as well as) the code block.

Thanks again.

I wish I knew how to change the message that it gives when a message is moderated. Drupal is a nightmare. We won’t be running it forever. But, if someone knows where the moderation queue message comes from and how to change it, I’d be happy to change it.

Edit: If someone could send me the full text of the exact error you get when a post is queued for moderation, that would help me figure out where it’s coming from. I’ve just tried to trigger the spam filter multiple times with one of my fake users, and can’t seem to make it catch me, even with messages that have been caught by the filter in the past.

Just archive everything and setup a woltlab forum.

Geez why suffer for ever.

That’s the issue there is NO error message, it says it’s been posted. I’ll see what else I can find out to help out with this.

In the forum I can find this options:
View Forums(active tab) Active topics Unanswered topics New & updated topics

But how to post a message/question is a mystery. Any help appreciated.

You want to reply to an existing thread or start a new thread? Makes a difference on the route you take…