Unable to list S3 Buckets. Incomplete error messages. AWSCLI works fine with same credentials.

I have two VPS, each running webmin 1.890 and virtualmin 6.03 on nearly identical installations of Ubuntu Server 16.04.3.

On one of them I have been able to configure and use Amazon S3 via virtualmin without issue. However, on the other VPS I get the following errors.

When attempting to restore a virtual server backup:

Restore failed : The specified source is not a Virtualmin backup : Failed to list S3 bucket :

When attempting to list s3 buckets:

One or more errors occurred listing your S3 buckets :

Backing up to an s3 bucket appears to work (virtualmin tells me it was successful) but no new objects appear in the bucket.

On both systems, awscli works fine. In all cases, the credentials are the same. I’ve quadruple checked the credentials to ensure they are correct. I have logging enabled and working on my S3 buckets, but no logs are being generated by the failed “list” attempts.

I am out of ideas.

Were you able to find a solution for this? Would be helpful to know for the rest of us.

Here’s what’s happening to me. I have two servers one Ubuntu 18.04 which works perfect and the other CentOS 7 that doesn’t that’s configured identically both connecting to DigitalOcean Space via S3 connection. It’s giving me the error “One or more errors occurred listing your S3 buckets” when I go to Cloud Storage Providers > Amazon S3 Buckets. Is there a place I can see more specifically what those errors are?