Unable to install an SSL certificate :(


I have read a lot of messages here and in other places but am still unable to setup an SSL certificate for a domain. I got the cert at StartTLS, have the crt file, the private.key, the startcom crt too.

Using virtualmin last release (got and installed it today). I noticed that many options that are said on this forum to exist, do not. For example in the “Edit virtual server” screen, I have no “SSL enabled” thing.
In the left frame menu in the “Server configuration”, nothing about SSL or Certificates.

But there is a “Configure website for SSL” in the “Services” menu…
Going there, panel and “SSL options”… Ok going there…

SSL Options for DOMAIN:443
Enable SSL, yes
And I entered the places where I have uploaded the crt and key files on the server.
There is a drop box “Client SSL certificate” with a few options, (Default, optional, required, etc), not sure what to select here,

Anyway whatever I select, after validation and server rebbot, the installed certificate is never used, the webbsite stills uses the default webmin certificate created at the webmin installation.

I would appreciate your help, after 3 hours looking around :frowning:

Thanks :wink:

Go to ‘features and plugin’ under system setting and see if SSL website is enabled. And the following article might also help,

Thanks Freddy, the plugin was disabled! All is ok now!