Unable to grant users access to specific Webmin modules

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.4
Webmin version 2.111

I’m migrating Webmin from an older server to a more recent server. The older version was running 2.1xx, the new one 2.111. I had several users configured as Webmin users, with specific access limited to a single module (BIND).

So I copied the users, groups, and module *.acl and *.gacl files from the old server to the new server and re-started Webmin. All users show up, all of them can be logged in with, and all of them have the correct access and permissions.

Permissions/access is handled on group level. And, as I said, everything looks good. Until a user logs in.

The only thing I can see, logged in as a limited user, is the Webmin search field, System information, and Logout. No other modules are available. If I go directly to the BIND module, by entering the correct URL, Webmin tells me I don’t have access to that.

Has anyone else seen this?

Also, I have configured the Search field to not be displayed for the group in question (Show Webmin search field?), but it’s still displayed.


EDIT: If I clone the user, within Webmin, and then login as that user, it works. But if I’m cloning a “broken” user, wouldn’t the clone also be broken? :thinking:

would webmin backup then restore to new webmin work?

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Yes, it most likely would have. But since I found a workaround, and the old server having been put to pasture, I’ll make a note to try that the next time I need it.

Thanks :blush:

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