Unable to Create Virtual Server

Webmin Version 1.562
Operating System CentOS Linux 5.7
Virtualmin Version 3.88 gpl GPL
Theme Version 8.1

Howdy: Something has happened after the recent round of updates, when I go to the Virtualmin menu and select Create Virtual Server, I enter my information as normal.

Default Settings
Default Plan
Automatic username

Advanced options = default

Enabled features = default

IP address and forwarding = default

Then click Create Server…

I get a website cannot display the page error, if I click on Refresh the page.

I get the error: Failed to create virtual server: Missing or invalid domain name - only letters, numbers and the dot, dash and underscore characters are allowed.

The above was tested using Windows 7 and MS Internet Explorer 9.

If I use Mozilla Firefox, I also get this following error I do not get with MS IE9: Error - Perl execution failed, Undefined subroutine & Virtual_server::generate_domain_password_hashes called at /usr/libexec/webmin/virtual-server/domain_setup.cgi line 407.


Where do I begin to trouble shoot this problem?

Thank you



It almost looks like the running version of Webmin is out of sync with what’s on the filesystem… if that’s the problem, that can be fixed by restarting Webmin, which you can do with this command:

/etc/init.d/webmin restart

After running that command, are you then able to create a Virtual Server?


Here is line 407 and 408 of domain_setup.cgi

Line 407: &generate_domain_password_hashes(%dom, 1);
Line 408: &complete_domain(%dom);

Thank you


You sir should STOP and pat yourself on the back.

Indeed a restart of the webmin corrected the problem.

Thank you so much.