Unable to create new sub-server

Howdy! When I attempt to create a new sub-server, I can’t get any further than the following error message. Any idea what the problem could be?

Failed to create virtual server : New virtual server has no IP address! Perhaps Virtualmin could not work out the system’s default IP.


Not wishing to sound facetious - the message is telling you what the problem is.

Moving on - where to look for an issue or possible fix:

To my mind,

  1. Check your network config (Webmin >> Networking >> Network Cofniguration)
  2. See what the settings are for new servers\sub-servers. (Virtualmin >> System Settings >> Virtualmin Configuration >> Network Settings)



Hi There and thanks for getting back to me. I’m more familiar with cpanel and brand new to virtualmin. Sorry if my question seems ignorant, but I learn fairly fast from my mistakes and obviously I’m making a big one here. I do appreciate your help.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure what I should be checking for regarding my network configuration.

Network Settings are pasted below:

Network interface for virtual addresses Detect automatically
Default virtual server IPv4 address From network interface
Default IP address for DNS records Automatically detect external address

Same as virtual server IP
Other address|
|Default virtual server IPv6 address|From network interface|
|Network interface for IPv6 addresses|Same as IPv4|
|Netmask size for IPv6 addresses|Default (64)|
|Use default IPv6 address for new virtual servers?|Yes No|

Not sure I even understand your info requests. If you could please elaborate to help me better understand, I would really appreciate it.


@georgebalek - I didn’t ask for any info, merely made a suggestion where you could look for something that could be the cause of your problem.

You network interface is set to auto detect - looks like auto detect might not be auto detecting it.

Perhaps select it manually? You can always set it back. But might be worth pausing and checking if your server is one of those that has a single externally routable IPv4 address or has a private one with an additional externally routable one.

Now if you are going to ask how to work out if it has 1 or 2 IP addresses, the simple answer be 1 interface probably means 1 IP, 2 interfaces (one might be virtual) probably means 2. But without knowing specifics not a guaranteed answer.



Ok got it. Thanks for your help. Appreciate it.

You’ll run into errors when trying to create a sub-server on a dedicated IP used by the parent domain. i.e., A sub-server needs a shared IP or an un-allocated dedicated IP.

Thanks ramin! If I simply wanted to point another domain to a separate directory of the parent domain, is there another or easier way to go about it other than creating a new sub-server? Ultimately I would like to have multiple domains and have each one pointing to its own separate directory of the main domain. Hope this makes sense. This is a simple task with cpanel, but can’t figure out how to do it with virtualmin. In cpanel it is referred to as addon domains.

Hey in case anyone else runs into a similar problem creating sub-servers, I found the solution to my problem here: https://www.virtualmin.com/node/65849

Have fun!

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You’re welcome!

I’m not familiar with cPanel’s sub-domain methods but I’ve read about comparisons to Virtualmin’s. If you’re asking about a domain or sub-domain document root of /home/user/public_html/apple and …/public_html/orange, there are a couple ways to do it from the control panel that are different from sub-servers. It shouldn’t matter whether or not you’re adding a sub-domain namespace or an entirely different domain with a different registration.

Virtualmin sub-domain creation is disabled by default. To enable it in Virtualmin go to System Settings/Virtualmin Configuration/Advanced Options. There’s a yes/no toggle for ‘Allow creation of sub-domains?’ Once enabled you should see the new button on the Create Virtual Server page. The same shared/dedicated IP rule applies to sub-domains as sub-servers.

Although the document root is inside the parent’s document root as /home/user/public_html/apple, you’ll find logs and other stuff in /home/user/domains/apple.domain.tld.

The other method is more cumbersome with more minimal results (no mail etc.), and I think DNS needs to be added manually. First step is to create the directory in /public_html. For sub-domain orange.domain.tld you need to create the orange directory as the domain.tld. owner or change its permission if the directory was created by the root user.

Then in Webmin, select Servers/Apache Webserver and select the ‘Create virtual host’ tab. You’ll need to spell out the entire domain (orange.domain.tld), define its .conf file and whether it’s appended to the default config or created as a separate file. Notice you’ll need to go through the process once for each section for ports 80 and 443.

cpanel would, at least on shared hosting, would point a new domain to a folder under the main domain. so /home/mydomain1.com/public_html for mydomain1.com then /home/mydomain1.com/public_html/mydomain2.com for mydomain2.com or you could call the sub-folders whatever you wanted.

I like VMs, at least default way, better since it keeps everything separate (/home/mydomain1.com/public_html then /home/mydomain2.com/public_html) which makes it easier to manage for backups and finding things especially if you have domains with separate installs of WP.

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