Uh-Oh Missing

webmin usr/share/folder missing

It looks like this maybe some of my problems.

webmin usr/share/folder missing

I have read the following and wonder if it applies to me as well.

I am using fedora 15.



What problems are you having exactly?

On RPM based distros, Webmin is typically stored in /usr/libexec/webmin, and not in /usr/share/webmin like DEP based distros use. Do you see Webmin in that other path?


yes it is there.

Well I did the latest webmin update and lost my user mailboxes. I didn’t loose my users and the emails are working and roundcube works. But I cannot use webmin to look at the emails in root or others. I have enclosed a screen shot.

It just seems that ever since my spamassassin went werid other things keep happening.