UCC Certs and multiple domains

Hi Guys,
I’m having a problem with configuring two sites to use the same UCC cert and I’m unsure if I’m doing something wrong. I have a GPL 3.77 server setup with one site enabled for SSL, say site abc.com. I have installed a UCC cert on this domain that also has the domain xyz.com in it’s Alt Names. When I enable SSL for the domain xyz.com.au, it generates a new self signed cert and key rather than sharing the already signed cert that includes it’s domain.

Again I’m unsure if I’m doing something wrong with the setup or just missing something obvious. Your help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:



First off, while I don’t think there’s any problems with UCC certs in 3.77, you might consider upgrading to 3.79 just in case.

However, for things like wildcard and ucc certs, they aren’t automatically installed for any domains… what you’d need to do is overwrite the self-signed SSL cert Virtualmin generates with your UCC cert. You can do that by installing the UCC cert for your new domain (xyz.com.au) using the same steps you used to install it for your original domain (xyz.com).

Let us know if that does the trick!


Hi Eric,
Thanks for the tips on that. I’ll be upgrading to the new version soon but from the way the documentation sounded, the system would automatically pick up on the fact that the SSL was for the domain and would share it between the two. I’ve figured out how to do it though. I enable SSL for the domain and then just remove the ssl files it creates. Then I symlink to the main UCC files and all is good :). Thanks again for the help!