Ubuntu LTS 14.04 support for automated installation script

Hi there,

I’d been using the automated installation script for fresh install for my ubuntu servers i.e. 12.04, with great ease and success (as per https://www.virtualmin.com/os-support)

May I know how soon will there be an automated installation script for the new Ubuntu LTS 14.04?

Thank you!!

From my experience it shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks after release of the new Ubuntu until the script is adjusted, if at all.

My recommendation would be though to not use the new version on production systems right away. Give it a few months of stability and security fixes, like with any other brand new thing.

Yeah we don’t have an exact timeframe, but as Locutus mentioned support for Ubuntu 14.04 should come within a few weeks of that distro being released.

I’m going to begin doing some testing on that towards the end of this month, after all the features/packages have been frozen.