Ubuntu 9 LTE in the year 2010 and virtualmin

Hi this year, we get the new Ubuntu 9.x LTE,
is there planned to make a virtualmin Version for this OS?

And if it is planned, when can we get it?

Thanks, P. Arlt

The 9.x releases, which aren’t LTS (Long Term Support), aren’t likely to be supported anytime in the near future.

However, in April, Ubuntu will be releasing 10.04 LTS. That release will be supported (along with the other Ubuntu LTS releases, 6.06 and 8.04).

So if you’re itching for a new Ubuntu version to use, keep an eye out for 10.04!


I hope 10.04 LTS is supported!! =]

Yup, as I mentioned in the post above, Ubuntu LTS releases, including the 10.04 release coming out this April, will be supported :wink:

So keep an eye out shortly after the new Ubuntu release for Virtualmin support!