Ubuntu 9.04

Hi, can someone confirm…

I know 9.04 isn’t officially supported for virtualmin but if all the checks work have I got it right?

Basically I’ve installed via install script, and apart from spamassassin update files failing, and suexec being objected to and fixed… When I first ran virtualmin CP it went through its checks and gave me the thumbs up. There are various comments that Ubuntu 9.04 won’t work easily but if it says its OK, is it?

Thanks for (hopefully) some reassurance after a long foray into how to administer my server…


Yeah, Virtualmin can run on nearly anything, as you’ve seen… the “supported” aspect of it is just what the installer is setup to be able to configure, and what packages for it are available in the software repo.

But if you manually install the Virtualmin module, and you configure your server rather than relying on the install.sh script to do that for you, it’s capable of working just fine!

Note that Ubuntu 10.04 is supported by the installer now, so if you’re looking to upgrade Ubuntu, you can end up with an officially supported one.

Have a good one,